North Coal Re-enters Environmental Assessment Process

North Coal Ltd. is moving forward again with their plans to develop the proposed Michel Coal Project. They have re-entered the Environmental Assessment (EA) process with a revised project description and with the price of metallurgical coal being favourable the opportunity is once again viable.

North Star holds the coal licenses that comprise the project area outlined above. They claim to hold significant metallurgical coal resources in the area referred to as the Loop Ridge, Michel Head and Tent Mountain deposits.

Here is North Coal’s news release:

North Coal Submits Revised Project Description
North Coal Limited is an emerging metallurgical coal producer located in Sparwood, BC. The company is focused on the exploration and development of the proposed Michel Coal Project, located in the Crowsnest Coal field in the Elk Valley.

After initially submitting a Project Description in late 2015 North Coal paused the regulatory process to allow further time to explore our license area and optimize mine design. North Coal has now re-entered the Environmental Assessment process and has submitted a revised Project Description to the BC Environmental Assessment Office, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the Ktunaxa Nation. The Project Description is available for download here.

North Coal understands the unique challenges of operating in the Elk Valley. North Coal has incorporated best practices and innovative technologies into our mine design to reduce waste generation, protect water resources and minimize landscape alteration. As our project develops, we will continue to integrate proven engineering and environment design features into our project to achieve strong environmental performance.

North Coal’s overriding goal is to make a positive social, economic and environmental contribution where we live through a commitment to safe operations, collaboration, and sustainable management of our land and resources. If you have any questions or wish to obtain more information on the project, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Phone: (778) 518-0775