The Crowsnest Grassy Mountain Coal Project

The Grassy Mountain Coal Project is a proposed steelmaking coal mine that will be developed on a legacy mining area, 7km north from Blairmore in the Crowsnest Pass. The Project is projected to produce around 93 million tonnes of product coal over its currently proposed 23-year mine life. Currently, the Project is being reviewed by the provincial and federal regulators.

The Crowsnest Journal, a Facebook page, is questioning the environmental impact of the proposed project and is posting interesting information. Here are excerpts from their latest post titled, “Grassy Mountain Project Water Quality Concerns”, as follows:

The federal/provincial Joint Review Panel will be in the area the week of September 23, 2019 to conduct aerial and ground surveys of the project and potentially impacted lands and streams.

“The Panel will consider comments from Indigenous groups, government bodies, the public and other participants regarding important features that should be included in the site visit itinerary, and may request that Benga revise the itinerary for the site visit based on these comments. The Panel requests that any comments regarding the proposed site visit be submitted no later than September 4, 2019.” -From the notice found here.

-“Background Sunday Reads on Crowsnest Coal” contains numerous background articles from both the The Crowsnest Journal and several other sources.

-“A Broken System Begins to Function and Grassy Mountain Smiles” was written following the rejection of the review process of the TransMountain Pipeline. It contains direct links to The Crowsnest Journal articles on the release events noted in the lead image and presented in the additional images within this post.

-“Selenium Central on the Crown of the Continent” looks at not only this proposal, but two others in the Oldman headwaters and the struggles Teck has undertaken to meet its responsibilities to water quality.

-“Selenium, What’s the Big Deal?” provides a basic understanding of the impacts of Se on aquatic life and contains additional links for those looking to dig a little deeper.

The review body has a new website as a result of the transition into Bill C-69 which is now law. As such it may take a little time to become acquainted with, but it continues to hold all the same information as the old one including how to submit a comment or concern. It is found here.

Other Articles on the Project by the The Crowsnest Journal:
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Grassy Mountain Project Water Quality Concerns.

A call for support for independent water protection and environmental journalism in the Oldman’s long-ravaged headwaters, “I Work For the Streams and I Need Your Support

About Riversdale Resources
Riversdale Resources is an Australian mining company focused on developing steelmaking coal projects with the potential to supply steel to manufacturers around the world. Our team is comprised of global experts in the fields of engineering, environment and management of proposed projects like ours. We are committed to using innovative, sustainable and mindful best practices to develop, operate and reclaim the proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project.

If regulatory approval is given, the proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project is expected to bring significant economic stimulus to our communities and to the province of Alberta. It is expected to bring back an industry that is historic and significant to the area and that hasn’t been active for over 30 years, as well as jobs, community investment opportunities, increase the commercial tax base and stimulate the local business community.

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