NWP Coal Stakeholder Survey on Crown Mountain Project

NWP Coal Canada Ltd. is seeking an environmental permit to start the Crown Mountain Coal Mine in the Elk Valley.

NWP Coal Canada Ltd., Australian Jameson Resources, received a Section 10 Order from the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) as a result of the Project Description they submitted.

This Order confirms that the Crown Mountain Project is reviewable under BC legislation and marks the formal beginning of the provincial environmental assessment (EA) process.

NWP Coal is committed to fast-tracking the environmental permitting process for Crown Mountain. This acceptance of the Project into the Pre-Application Phase of the EA process is a key milestone.

NWP Coal has launched an online survey to learn more about public awareness and stakeholder values in their Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project.

NWP claims to be committed to being a good neighbor for everyone who will interact with our Crown Mountain Coking Coal Project.