International commission asks Canada to join probe of selenium flowing from Elk Valley

A CBC editorial stated that an International commission is asking Canada to join the probe of selenium flowing from Elk Valley.

Here is the editorial:

“The agency that mediates disputes between Canada and the United States over shared waters is pleading with the federal Liberals to join an investigation into contamination from British Columbia coal mines before the Americans move on their own.

In a May 13 letter, the International Joint Commission asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to commit Canada to collaborating with the U.S. on studying and finding a solution to selenium from Teck Resource’s Elk Valley mines that ends up in rivers and lakes south of the border.

“We have heard from agencies, stakeholders, and Indigenous communities … about their assessments that the problem is growing more critical,” says the letter, addressed to both Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden.

“We understand the United States government is discussing the merits of a unilateral reference to the [commission] on this matter. We believe it is in the best interests of all concerned if a joint reference were made to the [commission].””

Teck has been making progress in reducing the leaching of selenium into the watershed and recently opened their third water treatment facility.

The economy of the Elk Valley, the BC Government and Canada remain rely on Elk Valley coal.

See the article here.