Teck receives Sustainable Mining Leadership Awards

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has released its 13th annual TSM Progress Report. The 2017 report takes a detailed look at MAC members’ performance in key environmental and social areas under the Towards Sustainable Mining® (TSM®) program.

The report includes 2016 performance results for 65 facilities belonging to 22 MAC member companies. This year, 20 mining facilities had their results externally verified as part of TSM’s three-year verification cycle.

Performance Highlights:
-98% reported publicly on their engagement and dialogue activities with Indigenous and local communities, compared to 94% in 2015.
– 93% have a crisis management and communications plan in place, compared to 86% in 2015.
– 72% reported publicly on biodiversity conservation activities and performance, compared to 66% in 2015.
– 56% established and met energy and GHG emissions performance targets, compared to 44% in 2015.

Nine facilities earn TSM Leadership Awards
Based on their 2016 performance results, nine facilities were honoured with TSM Leadership Awards. This award is given to facilities that meet or exceed a Level A ranking for all indicators under the tailings management, energy use and GHG emissions management, Aboriginal and community outreach, biodiversity conservation management, and safety and health TSM protocols, and meet all requirements of the crisis management and communications planning protocol. A facility’s results must have been externally verified to qualify for the award.

Glencore: Raglan Mine; Brunswick Smelter; and Kidd Operations
New Gold: Cerro San Pedro Mine
Rio Tinto: Diavik Diamond Mine
Syncrude Canada: Oil Sands Operations
Teck Resources Limited: Cardinal River Operations; Greenhills Operations; and Trail Operations

This year, Teck’s Cardinal River Operations, Greenhills Operations and Trail Operations each received a TSM Leadership Award for achieving Level AAA—the highest performance level—across all program indicators. Only one other facility, Teck’s Elkview Operations, has done this in TSM’s history.

“We celebrate these nine facilities for being role models within the Canadian mining industry. TSM’s requirements go well beyond regulatory obligations, and earning a TSM Leadership Award is a testament to their leadership in environmental protection and engagement with local and Indigenous communities,” stated Pierre Gratton, President and CEO, MAC.

TSM Growing Globally
In recent years, there has been growing global interest and uptake of MAC’s TSM program. In 2015, FinnMin, the Finnish Mining Association, became the first mining association outside of Canada to officially adopt the program. This was followed by the Cámara Argentina de Empresarios Mineros and the Botswana Chamber of Mines in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Additionally, the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines is set to formally adopt TSM later this month.

“Today, our made-in-Canada program is being implemented in five countries on five continents. There is also growing recognition of TSM’s strength in fostering sustainability performance improvement within the mining sector and its ability to demonstrate responsible sourcing for downstream users of our mining products,” stated Gratton.

To download the 2017 TSM Progress Report, visit: www.mining.ca/tsm-progress-report-2017.

About MAC
The Mining Association of Canada is the national organization for the Canadian mining industry. Its members account for most of Canada’s production of base and precious metals, uranium, diamonds, metallurgical coal and mined oil sands, and are actively engaged in mineral exploration, mining, smelting, refining and semi-fabrication. Please visitwww.mining.ca.

SOURCE Mining Association of Canada (MAC)