Teck Fined under Environmental Management Act

Teck Coal Limited’s Elkview Operations has been issued an Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP) under the Environmental Management Act, totaling $37,500 for infractions related to air emissions. The penalty is for failing to comply with the permit limit for particulate matter and for failing to maintain its coal breaker stack equipment in June of 2018.

Teck had a pattern of non-compliance with the coal breaker stack tests; between 2014 to 2019, five of ten stack tests had exceeded the permit limit. Exceedances were significant at 196%, 99%, 65%, 252% and 81% over the permit limit.

The above fine is a result of inspections under the Environmental Management Act (EMA). EMA regulates industrial and municipal waste discharges, pollution, air quality, hazardous waste and contaminated site remediation. It provides powers and authorities for ministry staff to verify compliance, to prevent and correct detrimental environmental impacts, and to take enforcement action and respond to environmental emergencies.

Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) are discretionary financial penalties that can be administered with less onerous procedural and legal requirements than a court prosecution, making them an effective and efficient enforcement option.

Teck Coal Limited has paid the Administrative Penalty.

Source: BC Environmental Protection