Mayors request Review of Elkford Work Camp and Plant

Sparwood Mayor and Council update for March 23rd, 2020

The following letter was sent to Teck yesterday in relation to the workcamp in Elkford as well as the plant upgrade at Elkview. This letter was signed by the Mayors of Elkford, Sparwood and Fernie as well as the Area “A” Director for the RDEK.

RE: Review of Elkford Work Camp and Elkview Plant

Throughout the past week by authority of the Province of British Columbia invoking the Provincial Emergency Act all communities across British Columbia have closed most if not all public facilities. Neither Sparwood, Fernie or Elkford have declared a local state of emergency, however as this pandemic continues to spread, we will consider all options soon.

In consultation with health service providers in the Elk Valley, we have concluded that the most significant danger of this pandemic reaching our doors is through transient travel that occurs daily in the Elk Valley.

Local government recognizes the importance of Teck Resources to our valley, however in this case the COVID 19 pandemic is far more important than any operational requirements that Teck Resources may have.

The Elkford workcamp is of significant concern to local government in the Elk Valley, especially Elkford and Sparwood. The transient nature of the workcamp aids itself to a higher level of exposure to COVID 19.

There are also hundreds of contractors currently working at the Elkview plant. Again, we recognize the importance of the upgrade needed at the Elkview plant, however the COVID 19 pandemic is one that takes precedence.

We are therefore asking Teck Resources to review the Elkford workcamp immediately and delay the upgrades to the Elkview Plant until such time as the Province of British Columbia rescinds all orders in relation to the COVID 19 virus. ”

Again Mayor and Council would like to thank everyone with in the District of Sparwood for practicing social distancing.

We would ask that if you need to contact the District of Sparwood please call 250-425-6271 or email at
We are trying our best to minimize person to person contact with our staff.
We thank you for your cooperation.

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