May is Mining Month

May is Mining Month in British Columbia and here in the East Kootenay’s we recognize and celebrate the vital contributions from mining.

The Elk Valley would be very different without mining, unfortunately the environmental impact legacy is concerning however, under Teck Resources ownership, sustainable solutions are being developed and implemented. The ongoing economic prosperity from mining cannot be disputed.

Mining accounts for more than 30,000 jobs in B.C. and has significant impacts on suppliers and service providers in every part of the Province. The mining and mineral exploration sector has always been a significant part of British Columbia’s economy. The industry provides good, family-supporting jobs for people in communities throughout the province. The benefits of mining run deep, for 150 years mining has contributed directly to B.C. by ways of government revenue.

When we look at what Teck spends on payroll and other expenditures, it illustrates the importance of the Elk Valley’s cluster of mining operations. They include:
– Operational spending on goods and services exceed $1 billion
– Jobs were provided for over 3,500 workers at Elk Valley steelmaking coal mines
– Total estimated direct wages exceed $500 million

Tom Shypitka, MLA for Kootenay East, commented, “May is Mining Month, in East Kootenay’s we celebrate Mining year-round.”

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