Petition on Bingay Coal has a petition calling for viewers to Say NO to Bingay Coal Mine in Elkford BC. This is the request:

The proposed Bingay Coal Mine will be 21 km north of Elkford and within the Elk Valley of British Columbia. It will bring imminent harm to the animals dependant on this vital, wildlife corridor such as Badgers, Big Horn Sheep, Cougars, Coyotes, Grey Wolves, Grizzly & Black Bears, Lynx, Squirrels, plus (58 confirmed) Birds species that breed within these boundaries. Within these locations are Old Growth Forests, important Wetlands and a number of creeks, streams, rivers and lakes with spawning Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles that will ultimately suffer irreparable damage by Bingay coal mine. At completion, Bingay Coal Mine will be more than a square kilometre in area, and up to 500 metres deep. Before operations begin there must be new road construction plus building railways to transport its coal out of the Elk Valley. There will be constant devastation, noises and chaos to the forests disrupting and deafening every little thing that lives there. Ultimately it will be just another DEAD ZONE. Say NO to Bingay Coal Mine and share, share, share!


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