Bingay Coal Public Comment Period Begins

Centermount Coal has entered into the Public Consultation Process and comment period for their proposed Bingay Coal project. For the next 32 days, from November 2nd, 2017 to December 5th, 2017 public input is welcome. This is the public’s opportunity to comment on the potential effects including environmental, recreation, economic, social and health.

The public’s participation in the Environmental Assessment (EA) process helps to ensure that community values and public goals for community development are considered in project planning and decision-making.

The BC Environmental Assessment Office invites the public to attend an Open House at: Elkford Community Conference Centre, 750 Fording Drive, Elkford on November 15 between: 4:30 and 8:30 p.m.

Both EAO and Bingay Coal representatives will be present at the open house. SNC-Lavalin, one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world, has been retained to manage the EA process for Centermount Coal.

The Draft Valued Components Selection Document and information regarding the environmental assessment process are available HERE.

Copies of the Draft Valued Components Selection Document are also available for viewing at these locations:

Centermount Coal Office – 808 Michel Road, Elkford;
Elkford Public Library – 816 Michel Road, Elkford;
Sparwood Public Library – 110 Pine Avenue, Sparwood.

Please submit your comments by clicking on the “Comment Period Page” link on the BC Environmental Assessment website HERE.

Comments can also be submitted by mail to:
Attn: Teresa Morris
Project Assessment Manager
Environmental Assessment Office
PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria B.C., V8W 9V1
By Fax: 250-387-2208

The final Project Description submitted by Centermount Coal Ltd for the Bingay Main Coal Project can be downloaded here: Bingay Final Project Description

More about the proposed Bingay Coal mine:

The Bingay Main Coal Project is wholly owned by Centermount Coal Ltd, a private Canadian company based in Vancouver whose major shareholder is Centerpoint Resources. Centerpoint Resources Chairman is Mr. Ren, Chao Gui 董事会主席 – 任朝贵. Mr. Ren Chaogui bio reads, “he brings over 20 years of mining investment, business operation and management experience to the management team of Centerpoint. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and a well respected businessman in China and in Canada. He was awarded the People’s Republic of China National Labour Model Award,and the May 1st Labour Medal”.

Bingay Coal licences cover 1,157 hectares near the confluence of the Bingay Creek and Elk River, approximately 21 km north of Elkford within the Elk Valley. Total disturbance area of the mine site, excluding the rail line, and access road is estimated at 450 ha. The proposed coal mine will include an open pit with intended use for 12 years. Two to three types of high quality metallurgical (coking)coal could be generated. The estimated annual production is 1 million tonnes of clean coal. Major components of the project include an open pit, temporary and permanent rock and top soil storage areas, a 27 km rail line, coal processing plant, maintenance shop and ancillary infrastructure, 138 kv to 25 kv substation and 1 km power line. Mine road access to the mine would be on the west side of the Elk River while rail access will be on the east side. Centermount Coal goal is for construction to commence in late 2018 and operations to begin in 2021.

The final Project Description has been submitted for Provincial and Federal Environmental Assessments including the mandatory open houses and key stakeholder engagement. The Physical and Biological Environment summary of the potential effects of the project, that have been identified in the above Final Project Description, are outlined here:

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management

• Contaminant loading to terrestrial and aquatic resources from dust.
• Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles/machinery required for the Project.
• Fugitive dust from increased traffic use along the Elk River FSR.
• Increased dust loading for communities situated along the rail corridor.

Noise and Vibration
• Noise issues related to worker health and safety.
• Noise impacts to wildlife.

Surface Water
• Potential water quality impacts to the Elk River, Lowe Creek, Bingay Creek, No Name Creek 1, Hornickel Creek, No Name Creek 2, and Forsyth Creek, and the effect of this on aquatic resources.
• Impacts to aquatic biota (periphyton, benthic invertebrates) due to changes in water quality.
• Changes to surface water hydrology.
• Loss of Blue Lake.

• Potential impacts on groundwater quality.
• Changes in groundwater flows.
• Affected groundwater/surface water interactions, i.e. potential impacts from mine dewatering on adjacent surface water bodies.
• Impacts on surface water quality from groundwater discharge.

Fish and Fish Habitat
• Loss of habitat associated with stream crossings for roads, rail line, power lines, and conveyors
• Impacts to fish due to changes in water quality.

• Permanent and temporary loss of terrestrial habitat due to the construction of the mine pit and associated infrastructure.

• Habitat loss due to the construction of the mine pit and associated infrastructure.
• Disturbance to migration movements due to mine location (noise, presence of humans etc).
• Increased mortality due to increased rail/vehicle use.
• Increased mortality due to construction (blasting, excavation of undisturbed terrain).
• Risk to wildlife from changes in water quality, contaminant loading from dust.

Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching
• Ground and surface water quality impacts resulting from waste rock weathering (i.e. selenium, calcite).

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