Bingay Coal enters the Environmental Assessment process

Bingay Coal has just entered B.C.’s environmental assessment (EA) process. It provides a mechanism for reviewing major projects to assess their potential impacts. B.C.’s process is important to ensure that major projects meet the goals of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The assessment process is also needed to ensure that the issues and concerns of the public, First Nations, interested stakeholders and government agencies are considered.

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) manages the assessment of proposed major projects in British Columbia as required by the Environmental Assessment Act (Act). The assessment process examines major projects for potentially adverse environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects that may occur during the life cycle of these projects. The process includes:

– opportunities for the involvement of all interested parties;
– consultations with First Nations;
– technical studies to identify and examine potential significant adverse effects;
– strategies to prevent, or reduce, adverse effects; and
– development of comprehensive reports summarizing input and findings.

Bingay Coal is in the first stage in an environmental assessment, the Pre-application—also known as the Section 11 Order.

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